Frequently Asked Questions

Is the performance comparable to that of reusable cassettes?

YES, Sius performance is equivalent or better due to its patented design.

Is it economical for my process?

YES, Sius is approximately ¼ the cost of our competition's reusable cassette and greatly saves time, resources, and raw materials needed to clean and reuse cassettes.

Is Sius validated for use in cGMP processes?

YES, Sius is shipped with a CofA stating that it has met our specifications for release. Validation test data is available to our customers upon request.

Does it fit in my existing cassett holder?

YES, Sius will fit all TangenX holders and those of the competition.

Will I have to modify my system to make it work?

NO, The Sius operating range is similar to that of our NovaSet product line and of the competition.

What membranes are available?

ALL, Sius is offered with TangenX ProStream and Hystream membranes from 1kD thru 0.65um MWCO.

How many channel types are avaiable?

TWO, Sius is offered as LP Screen Channel, 0.5mm Open Channel. The screen channel is best for clarified fluid streams and the open channel for viscous or particle laden fluid streams.


Product Support

For immediate product support, please contact:

Michael LaBreck
Global Product Manager

Mark Perreault
Director of Membrane and Applications

Virginia Rainville
Quality Assurance Manager


Product Applications

Concentration of Myeloma Cells

The objective of the study, summarized in AN1001, was to concentrate myeloma cells using tangential flow filtration (TFF) prior to downstream processing. The following text outlines a case study performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), demonstrating the effectiveness of using the NovaSet-LS™ LHV tangential flow filtration device.

Cassette Air Integrity Testing

The purpose of cassette integrity testing is to provide a non-destructive method to verify the integrity of a Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) cassette. Each cassette manufactured by TangenX undergoes strict release testing, which includes an air integrity test. Application note AN1002 is available for download to help our customers understand the basic fundamentals and importance of “in-field” integrity testing. Please click the link above or to your right to download AN1002.

TFF Cassette Cleaning and Storage

TFF cassette cleaning and storage  is a key priority when using conventional TFF cassettes. A repeatable CIP (clean in place) cycle is used to remove residual contaminants from the TFF cassettes following each use. A documented membrane CIP cycle is used to maximize product recovery, batch to batch consistency, membrane recovery, and membrane productivity. Application note AN1004 is available for download to help our customers develop a written procedure for cassette cleaning. Please click the link above or to your right to download AN1004.

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