TangenX® Sius™ Single Use Filter Plate Inserts  (FPI’s) 

TFF systems are typically used in a process and then cleaned between uses with a clean in place (CIP) operation. The standard method of reuse requires a significant investment in raw materials, energy, and time. That is why TangenX has developed the first truly disposable TangenX® Sius cassettes, compatible with a single-use TangenX® Sius Filter Plate Insert. Combining both Sius cassettes and the Sius FPI enables a complete disposable system for tangential flow filtration, saving time and money due to minimum preparation and cleaning. As a consequence, the Sius holder, composed of only two stainless steel plates without any contact with the process fluid, is much less complex than traditional holders and, thus, less expensive.

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NovaSetSanitary Holders for Critical TFF Processes

NovaSet cassette holders have been developed to satisfy the pilot and commercial-scale manufacturing requirements of the process engineer. A selection of holders is available in either a horizontal or vertical stack orientation. The choice is yours and ultimately depends upon the scale and requirements of your process application. NovaSet holders have been engineered to provide many processing advantages.

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NovaSetLow Holdup System

The NovaSet-LS LHV System is a complete “turnkey” solution with all hardware components required to begin holder, pump, 100 mL and 500 mL reservoirs, magnetic stirrer, pre-assembled onto a 304 L Stainless Steel support. The design of the NovaSet-LS LHV cassette systems significantly enhances TFF processing performance in the laborata faster solution to reducing product waste and increasing product recovery. Hold-up volume has been minimized 10 mL. A choice of reservoir sizes, each engineered with a vacuum lid, makes continuous diafiltration easy.

LHV System 2


TFF Processes with a working volume as low as 15ml!


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