True single-use technology has arrived with Sius™ disposable cassettes

Sius is the industry’s first purpose-built, disposable, process-scale TFF cassette that offers the performance of reusable cassettes at a fraction of the cost. Sius and Sius-LS Single Use TFF cassettes are pre-sanitized and packaged with 0.2M NaOH and delivered ready to use. Sius and Sius-LS Single Use TFF cassettes are available with a wide range molecular weight cutoffs and choice of either ProStream™ or HyStream™ membrane.

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Sius LS Cassette  Sius Cassette



For highest performance in a reusable format choose NovaSet

Whether your application calls for a NovaSet™-LS lab-scale cassette or NovaSet™ production-scale cassette, you can be assured of a product that is engineered with optimized channel geometry and enhanced device rigidity. These features ensure that hydraulic performance is maintained during processing and upon scale up within the NovaSet™ cassette family. Cassettes may be cleaned and reused multiple times while maintaining reproducible cassette performance.

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  NovaSet LS Cassette   NovaSet Cassette


All Sius™ and NovaSet™ products have been validated for cGMP use. Please contact your area sales representative for a copy of our validation guide.

All of our tangential flow filtration cassettes are manufactured in two industry standard format footprints with your choice of membrane type, pore size and flow-channel configuration to suit your application requirements.

Our ProStream™ and HyStream™ modified polyethersulfone (PES) membranes are available in both NovaSet™ and Sius™ cassette configurations. Visit our Membrane Products page for more information about each chemistry.